【Kirirom Institute of Technology】How I failed my university entrance exam in Japan and entered KIT


Good morning, Hello, Good evening. I`m Yumi (@___yum0), university student blogger currently living in Cambodia.

Today, I`ll briefly talk about how I entered Kirirom Institute of Technology in Cambodia.


I went thorough loads of stuff before I entered KIT. Hope you enjoy reading about it.

First, to conclude, KIT (Kirirom Institute of Technology) was not my first choice.

But it`s not that I entered KIT unwillingly. I took the exam because I was attracted to it.

When I took the entrance exam, there was an interview test and I was so nervous until I got the results because I knew it myself that I wasn`t able to express myself as I wanted to. I was so excited when I passed the test!

This topic “How I entered KIT” may not be something I have to write about, but I`m able to study in Cambodia because I went through many things and I hope that people like me will read this and use it as a reference.


Middle school and high school me

I took a middle school entrance exam which I was able to pass and entered a secondary school called “Okayama Daianji Secondary School”.

It`s the only secondary school in Okayama prefecture.

I didnt have to take the high school entrance exam, so I kinda got lazy and didnt study until 11th grade.

Since I spent some of my childhood in the US, my English grades were great and my mock exams (for university in Japan) were just fine.

Things changed in the parent teacher interview in 11th grade.

First, I wanted to go to the local university called Okayama University, but my teacher recommended me the university of Tokyo.

To be honest, I had this bias towards university of Tokyo where I thought it was a place for nerds and I couldnt even pass because I wasnt smart enough.

One reason that I used to think like that was because I was living far from Tokyo and students who go to the university of Tokyo is not really familiar to us.

But still, I decided to write university of Tokyo as my first choice in mock exams.

My mock exam grades werent good, but when I started to write university of Tokyo as my first choice, I wanted to go there so damn bad and thought, "Isnt it cool to become the student of university of Tokyo?” Then I started to study so hard from the summer of 11th grade in order to enter university of Tokyo.

However, I failed in Japanese language in the national exam (called center exam) and needed one more point to go take the exam of university of Tokyo. So I wasnt able to pass. I wasnt able to get over this for a while because it was just one single point.

Even if I passed the national exam border line for the university of Tokyo, I am sure that I wasnt able to pass the exam of Tokyo university because I wasnt good at math and didn`t have enough knowledge in geography and world history to pass.

I passed the exam for private university in Tokyo and also public university in Kobe, but I decided not to go because I was so shocked about the fact that I failed university of Tokyo and still had regrets about the way I studied and such.

My mom didn`t allow me to study for another year to take the exam again at first, but when she realized that I had so much feelings for the university of Tokyo, she allowed me to study for another year.


I appreciate my family for letting me study for another year.

Preparatory school days

So, thanks to my mom, my preparatory school life has begun.

Since its just one year and it was my last chance, I went to “Sundai Ochanomizu preparatory school” in Tokyo. It`s one of the most famous preparatory schools in Japan.

I stayed at a girl`s dorm and studied and studied every day.

My life in Sundai Preparatory school was so rich and I gained a lot of things there.

My mock exam grades were good and I always got an A or B. I wasn`t 100% sure that I was gonna pass, but my grades got much better than before and I thought I would pass if I kept on going.

However, I failed.

My mom`s condition was that I was not allowed to take the exam for private university, so I only had one more public university I could try, but I failed on that one too.

Found out KIT

I found out about KIT after I finished taking the exam for university of Tokyo.

Since I had one more exam to go, I had to think about what to do if I failed that one and was searching on my own about it.

I had three choices. Work, study abroad, and study for another year at home.

Unexpectedly, I found out about KIT through web ad. (This is the power of SEO…popped up in the first page when I searched on Google)

However at that time, I didnt know about Hospitality Management and I totally forgot about KIT because I was more into liberal arts and I wasnt really interested and thought I would have a hard time in IT department.

When I finished taking all the exams and went back to my hometown, it seems that my mom also searched a lot for me and she told me there`s this university called Kirirom Institute of Technology.

I told her that Im not a tech person, so I don`t fit in. But she persuaded me to just go through the website first and see. So, I did, and I found out about Hospitality Management department.

It was March when I found this out, so I took the entrance exam immediately.

I also took the test for IT department, but I had more feelings for Hospitality Management.

I was a bit worried about learning Hospitality Management because in high school, I didn`t have anything specific I wanted to do in university and that was one reason why I wanted to go to the university of Tokyo. (In University of Tokyo, you can choose which department you want to go in year 2, so I had time to learn and decide what I wanted to do in the first two years)

However, when I lived in the US, I went to trips with my family loads of times and I realized that I was always looking forward to staying at a hotel.

Also, I love communicating with people, so I thought working in the tourism industry was suitable for me.

So, I was able to pass the entrance exam for KIT and now here I am.

I love the life at KIT. When I stay in Kirirom, the day feels longer than when I was in Japan and after class, I can do assignments, search about my interests, and write blogs like I`m doing now.

I feel like I`m having a fulfilling university life here.

University life is pretty short, so I hope I can do something that I can only do now.


So, how was it?

I hope this can be a help to someone who`s facing the same thing like I did or considering to apply for KIT.

If you have any questions about KIT, don`t hesitate to contact me through Twitter or Instagram!

I`ll write again soon, bye!


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    That was so cool.
    It’s a long journey and a good story to read.
    I do appreciate your hard work.